Rappelling vs Lowering: A Semi-Scientific Study, Summarized

The whole “rappelling vs lowering” thing is super interesting. It’s only a small part of the entire climbing culture/lifestyle/process, but it can get people really fired up. The ethics of the sport speak to our morals much more than the actual climbing does, which is a testament to how passionate we are and how much it […]

Triumphs of Experience: 5 Major Takeaways from an Incredible Study

Triumphs of Experience by George E. Vaillant is the latest book on the longest longitudinal study of human development ever undertaken. The Grant Study, as it is informally called, started in 1938 and studied the lives of over 200 men that went to Harvard. This book, written in 2012, recapped the physical and emotional snapshots and […]

SEO & Statistics: How Bayes’ Theorem Can Make Our Job Easier

Nate Silver, of 538 fame, is a big fan of Bayesian statistics. In his book The Signal and The Noise, he applies it to weather prediction, chess, poker, and politics, the financial collapse of 2008, stock trading, and terrorism. Basically, a bunch of subjects you thought you understood until he talks about them (he’s super […]

Google Tag Manager Auto Event Variable Macros

I have been playing with Google Tag Manager auto event variables a lot lately and haven’t seen a resource describing all the different Auto-Event Variable macro options. I wanted to write a quick post on what they all mean. If you want a longer explanation of what auto event variables are, here is the official […]