SEO for the Un-Savvy, Part 2: Basic Google Analytics Reports

This series is meant to help those who want to start doing SEO for their website, but have no idea where to start. If this is the first post you’re seeing, check out Part 1 for a better intro. Otherwise, let’s get moving. Congratulations! You should now have some good Google Analytics (GA) data on […]

SEO for the Un-Savvy, Part 1: Getting Started

If you own a small business, just keeping the thing running can be hard enough. Promoting it can be something you say “you’ll get to” when you have a slower day, but that never seems to happen. On the off chance you’ve had a second to look into some marketing options, you’ve probably heard of […]

Picking an Audience

Writing has always been a big struggle for me. Some sentences come easily, some feel like pulling teeth. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I know what good writing looks like, so when my writing doesn’t match up to my expectations in my head, I’m not satisfied. I could give up, but I won’t. […]

Bullish on the Bird: Why I’m Excited About Twitter

I’ve talked to a number of people that just don’t get Twitter. They say that it’s dumb, or that they don’t have anything to say, or that it doesn’t make sense. I don’t blame them–for years I thought the same thing. When I finally did join back in 2009, I didn’t tweet much and when […]

Anyone Can Make A Website: Here’s How!

The internet is full of super¬†simple fun websites. So many are hilarious or beautiful or smart, and the basic ones are so easy to make.¬†You can learn how to build a basic website in 30 minutes. For those not in internet fields, I wonder if that is common knowledge. Did you know you could publish […]

Ideas are Mortal

Today I was doing some research for work and was overcome with a weird feeling. It’s back-to-school time for the ungraduated among us, so my college experience has been on my mind, and I realized that the feeling I got was similar to the one I get when I think about college. Of course you […]