Google Tag Manager Auto Event Variable Macros

I have been playing with Google Tag Manager auto event variables a lot lately and haven’t seen a resource describing all the different Auto-Event Variable macro options. I wanted to write a quick post on what they all mean. If you want a longer explanation of what auto event variables are, here is the official […]

I apologize for the delay in posts here everyone! I have a wedding in two weeks and have been busy preparing for that. FWIW, I plan to pick this up again in full force after the honeymoon.

SEO for the Un-Savvy, Part 2: Basic Google Analytics Reports

This series is meant to help those who want to start doing SEO for their website, but have no idea where to start. If this is the first post you’re seeing, check out Part 1 for a better intro. Otherwise, let’s get moving. Congratulations! You should now have some good Google Analytics (GA) data on […]

SEO for the Un-Savvy, Part 1: Getting Started

If you own a small business, just keeping the thing running can be hard enough. Promoting it can be something you say “you’ll get to” when you have a slower day, but that never seems to happen. On the off chance you’ve had a second to look into some marketing options, you’ve probably heard of […]